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Google Analytics is in use on the Illinois Wiki. Analytics data is collected across all spaces for use in monitoring and improving the Illinois Wiki service. Space owners may also be using Google Analytics to improve user experience for their specific spaces.  For example, if we know what browsers and screen resolution our users have, we are better able to design web pages that suit our users. Also, if we see that few people use a particular link or page, then we can remove it from our site. The statistics we gather are aggregate. We do not retain any specific information about a particular user.


Visitors who wish to opt-out from analytics tracking may do so by installing the opt-out add-on for their browser, available from Google here:

What is being collected?

The data collected is general service/site usage and statistical information.
No user-identifiable data is collected. IP addresses, if collected, are anonymized. For more information about IP Anonymization in Analytics, see

Examples of data collected include:

  • Number of Sessions, Visitors, Views
  • Server response times for page loads and actions
  • Location and Language Information
  • Client information (OS, browser, device)
  • Referral sources

How will this information be used and how will it benefit me as a customer/visitor?

Administrators of the Illinois Wiki will use the information collected for the following purposes:

  1. To monitor performance of the service itself to ensure that we are meeting our performance goals and/or commitments.
  2. To identify and correct poorly performing service elements and bottlenecks
  3. To support continuous improvement of the service offering
  4. To gather and report metrics to customers and campus

Additionally, space owners may choose to use Google Analytics within the scope of their own spaces for the following purposes:

  1. To identify popular and unpopular resources
  2. To improve user experience in terms of navigation, layout, and features
  3. In other ways as specified by the space owner in their own analytics disclosure statement, if any.

For more information about web privacy at the University of Illinois, please see the University of Illinois Web Privacy Notice.

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