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Online Add-Drop Portal

Where to Submit a Request?

Access the Add-Drop Portal for courses taken during either a fall or spring semester at  (warning)

Please do NOT turn in course change requests if you are unsure (come to 206 Engineering Hall for any question). Removing unwanted requests is difficult, and could produce unwanted changes in your schedule.

What to Do to Receive Approval?

If your request requires approval, you will be asked to PRINT OUT a form:

    • The form will indicate which approvals you need: department, college dean in 206 Engineering Hall, both, or any other approval. See the List of Department Addresses.
    • It makes the process smoother if you come to 206 Engineering Hall with all completed forms for all requests you made. Make sure to cancel any unwanted request.

If your request does not require approval, it will be processed within 2-3 business days. You will also receive email when your request has been processed (confirmation that 206 EH staff has made the requested change on your schedule) or if there is a problem with your request..

Where to Check if a Request has been Processed?

To see if your request has been processed, visit UI-Integrate to view your schedule. The Add-Drop Portal keeps track of the list of all requests you made for the current semester, and their current status.


(warning) Please give us feedback if you encounter a problem submitting your request (email

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