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Advising Staff - we are in 206 Eng Hall

Walk-In Advising Hours

206 Engineering Hall
Monday - Friday: 8:30am-4:30pm (closed over lunch on Thursdays)

Marie-Christine Brunet
Assistant Dean

Kathy Eckstein
Academic Advisor

Ivan Favila
Assistant Dean
Director of Morrill Engineering Program (MEP)
Director of Center for Academic Resources in Engineering (CARE)

Michael Hirschi
Academic Advisor

Susan Larson
Assistant Dean
Director of Women in Engineering (WIE)

Vonda MacFarlane 
Staff Clerk

Chris Migotsky
Academic Advisor

Coordinator of Faculty Teaching Programs

Keri Niehans
Academic Advisor

Coordinator of Transfer Programs

Brooke Newell
Academic Advisor
Program Coordinator, Women in Engineering (WIE)

Umberto Ravaioli
Senior Assistant Dean
Director of Undergraduate Student Affairs

Gordon Speagle
Academic Advisor

Lori West
Academic Advisor

Coordinator of International Student Programs
Angie Wolters
Associate Director of Women in Engineering (WIE)
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