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Auditing a Course (including information from Part 3-305 of Student Code 2015-16)

Students carrying a full program (12 or more semester hours) may audit (visit) a class with the written permission of the instructor and approval of the Office of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs. No credit will be given for audited classes. Laboratory, military, physical education, or studio classes may not be audited. Additional information can be obtained from the Office of the Registrar. A fee will be assessed for any student who is not full time (12 credit hours or more).


An auditor is a listener only and does not participate in any way in class activities.

No lab sections, military, non-theory kinesiology, or studio classes are allowed for audit.

Course auditing is forbidden for students in the Engineering College with “dropped” status, and auditing is rarely approved for students with a probation status.

Undergrad students in the College of Engineering must already be registered as full time students in order to be allowed to audit.

No credit is given for auditing; a designated grade of “AU” appears on the student transcript.


  • Student obtains the Office of the Registrar’s “Auditor’s Permit” form and presents it to the course instructor at the first class.
  • Course instructor grants permission, if space is available, and signs the “Auditor’s Permit” form.
  • Student brings form to 206 EH for College of Engineering advisor’s review and approval by the 10th day of instruction. [Note:  Late audit requests require a written note by the instructor that the student hasn’t been participating.]
  • Advisor verifies student status before signing audit permission.
  • UPO advisor returns the approved/signed audit form directly to the student.
  • Student hand carries the completed “Auditor’s Permit” to Admissions and Records, 901 W. Illinois St., Suite 140, Urbana.

For exchange students, whose status in Ugrad Recs is typically shown as “Non-degree; “Nondegree” Major; Junior”:

  • Advisor makes a copy of the “Auditor’s Permit” form and gives it to the Director of IPENG for the student’s record.
  • Advising note:  IPENG students are not allowed to change their course registration after they have signed up to audit a class.

Revised 2/5/16

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