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Email Sent to all College of Engineering Students on January 22, 2018

Subject - IMPORTANT: Adding/Dropping Classes, Policies and Important Deadlines

Dear Engineering Students:

You are responsible for understanding the policies, dates, and deadlines regarding adding, dropping, and repeating classes.

  • The College Drop Deadline applies for all full-semester restricted coursesJanuary 29.
  • The Campus Drop Deadline applies for all full-semester unrestricted courses: March 9.
  • Courses designated as other than full-semester have different drop deadlines.
  • Requests for Grade Replacement for a course you are currently retaking are due by mid-term of the class. For full-semester courses this is March 9.
  • See Deadline table below for more information.

All engineering students will have a hold placed on their student accounts January 29, 2018 at 11:59PM. Processes for requesting any class schedule changes before and after this hold is implemented are explained in the Semester Timeline below.

Dropping and adding courses could affect your tuition bill! Deadlines for tuition adjustments are strictly enforced. If you have been approved for an underload (e.g. as a graduating senior) and you are changing your class schedule after the adjustment deadline (for full-semester courses, this is January 29), the University will charge for all attempted classes appearing on your schedule.  This means that if your attempted credit hours totaled 12 or more, including any course dropped after the adjustment deadline, you will be charged full tuition.



How to change your classes


January 29, 2018

Last day you can use the Enterprise/Self-Service system to change your class schedule (for full-semester courses only).

Partial semester courses may have earlier deadlines.

(See Deadlines Table)

January 29, 2018 at 11:59PM

A hold is placed on all engineering student accounts, preventing schedule changes.

See College policy

Jan. 30, 2018


Mar. 9, 2018

at 2:59PM

Use the online add/drop request portal to make any course change requests (adds, drops, section or credit changes).  

Not all requested changes will be approved, and requested changes to restricted courses will require you visit department and/or college advisors for a review.   

The online portal closes at 3:00pm March 9.


After 3pm on March 9, 2018

Visit advisors in 206 Engineering Hall with any requests for schedule changes.


Not all requested changes will be approved.







Full Semester Restricted

College Drop Deadline

Jan. 29, 2018

List of restricted courses is available here.

Full Semester Unrestricted

Campus Drop Deadline

Mar. 9, 2018

Course is not on the list of restricted courses above

Partial Semester Restricted

College Drop Deadline applies to restricted courses

Fifth day of the class term

List of restricted courses is available here.

Partial Semester


Partial Semester Course:

Campus Drop Deadline applies to unrestricted courses

Midpoint of the class term

Course is not on the list of restricted courses above

A course you are currently repeating (or currently taking)

Grade Replacement Request Deadline (or Credit/No-Credit Request Deadline)

Midpoint of the class term

See Grade Replacement or CR/NC links for information, eligibility and request form

Same deadline applies to rescind an approved request.





Undergraduate Programs Office
206 Engineering Hall

Visit the advisors in 206 Engineering Hall (8:30am-4:30pm Monday through Friday, except Tuesdays & Thursdays 11:45am-1pm) with any questions about your schedule or college policies.


Email Sent to all College of Engineering Students on March 5, 2018

Subject - REMINDER: College Policy about Adding/Dropping Classes

Dear Engineering Student:

This is a reminder about the College Policy for Adding/Dropping Classes.

  • The Campus Drop Deadline for all full-semester unrestricted courses is March 9
  • The Add/Drop Portal to request any change of schedule will close on March 9 at 3pm.
  • See the email you received on Sep 1 at  for all details.


Undergraduate Programs Office
206 Engineering Hall

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