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Foreign Language Exception for August and December 2010 Graduates

Normally, university-level foreign language courses that are taken to fulfill your basic foreign language requirement do not count towards the 18 hours of liberal education electives that you must take.  Unfortunately, a programming error in DARS (the computer system that produces degree audits) previously showed some students' foreign language courses as counting towards the "Other Social Science & Humanities" portion of this category.  That error was corrected in November 2009.

You can determine if you are affected by running a fresh DARS audit .  If your fresh audit shows a deficiency in "Other SS/HUM" that was not present last fall, you are affected.  What you must do from there depends on when you will graduate.

IF YOU WILL GRADUATE MAY 2011 OR LATER, you must fulfill the correct requirements for foreign language and humanities/social science electives.  Your fresh DARS audit should accurately reflect you progress toward these requirements.  You should plan your remaining courses accordingly.  This may mean taking more courses than you have previously planned. 

IF YOU WILL GRADUATE DECEMBER 2010 OR EARLIER, the College of Engineering will make an exception for you.  If you had foreign language courses that were counted towards the "Other Social Science & Humanities" requirement on your Fall 2009 DARS audit, you will be allowed to continue to count those courses – even though your current DARS audit reads differently.  We will adjust your DARS audit after you have indicated your intent to graduate in August or December 2010.  (You can do this online when you register for classes).  Before you register for classes, you should confirm that you will fulfill this requirement by sending e-mail to Ms. Cheryl Smith at, or visiting Ms. Smith in 206 Engineering Hall.  She is normally available for walk-in advising from 9:30 am to noon and 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. 

If you have questions about this or other graduation requirements, you can come to 206 Engineering Hall and see Ms. Cheryl Smith.

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