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FAQs for Liberal Education Electives

What's with this requirement?

Engineers (and computer scientists and physicists) need many non-technical skills, together with a deep understanding of the world in which they will work. By broadening this list of courses the college is seeking to expand your options for acquiring those skills.

Is this a new requirement?

Absolutely not.  It is a new name for what used to be called "Social Science and Humanities Courses," together with an expansion in the number and type of courses that you can count in this category.

Why the name "Liberal Education?"

The new list includes business courses, fine-arts studio classes, and other subjects that don't fit under the old name, "Social Science and Humanities Courses." 

Where will I see this on my degree audit (DARS report)?

For now, look under "Other Social Science and Humanities" in the Social Science and Humanities section. We'll change the headings on the audits by mid-spring 2010.

I took one of the new courses two years ago. Can I still count it towards my degree?

Yes. It should automatically appear on your DARS degree audit.

Can I use the new Liberal Ed courses towards my campus Humanities & Arts or campus Social & Behavioral Sciences requirement?

No. You must still satisfy all campus GenEd requirements. You can look for courses that fulfill one of your Western or Non-Western cultural studies requirements and count towards the Humanities or Social Science requirement. This is how you make room to count courses from the Liberal Ed list toward your degree.

It looks like I can count up to six hours of Liberal Ed courses. What if I want to take more?

No problem. You can either use them towards your free elective requirement, or (deep breath) they could be courses over and above your degree requirements. While you are sampling the Liberal Ed list, do keep track of your requirements and your plan for graduation.

There are some great courses on the list. Does this mean that I'll be able to register for any of these courses?

Alas, no. We wanted to cast a wide net, so some courses on the list have enrollment restrictions and may be difficult to get into. Check each course in the Class Schedule for any restrictions. If you took any of these courses, perhaps before transferring into engineering, you can count them.

I'm a Chemical Engineer.  Can I count these courses?

No.  Only students earning College of Engineering degrees have the Liberal Ed requirement; this does include students in ABE.  Students whose degrees are in other colleges (Chemical Engineering, LAS Physics, CS in Math, CS in Statistics) must fulfill the general education requirements of their home college. 

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