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What is the deadline to drop an undergraduate semester course without a 'W'?

The deadline is usually at the end of the eighth week of classes each semester. Please refer to the Registrar for details.

What is a 'W' and how does that affect me?

A 'W' indicates that you registered and subsequently dropped the class. The 'W' will appear on your transcript. Some professional schools (such as law) will evaluate 'W' grades as failing grades. In general, having a couple of W's on your transcript won't hurt you, but having many of them probably will.

If I come in after the campus drop deadline to drop a semester course without a 'W' and request to drop a course, will my request automatically be approved?

No. You must have extenuating circumstances beyond your control that affected your academic performance and this needs to be well documented. IF your drop request is approved, you will get a 'W' on your transcript. Refer to our policy page for details.

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