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Typical First Semester Schedule

Please download the COURSE SELECTION WORKSHEET to help plan your fall semester courses. Before registering, you will discuss appropriate fall courses with an advisor. Your first-semester schedule should consist of the courses below:






ENG 100 (Engineering Orientation)


(Engr Undeclared students also take ENG 101)


Department Orientation / Introductory Course(*)

Department Intro courses



Math placement

Want to retake the placement test? Try a refresher first.




Composition and/or Department Intro course

Department Intro courses


Exploration course or liberal education

Foreign Language/LOTE placement


Enrichment course / Freshman elective

14-16 hrs (**)


(*) Students in majors without a designated gateway course will take an additional General Education course.
(**) Remember that 15 hours credit feels like having a job and half (about 60 hours per week, studying, going to class, etc) for 99% of students.

Useful and More

  • Registration tips. Common problems when registering and troubleshooting.
  • Proficiency exams can give you credit for courses. If you think you know the material for a course, feel free to attempt the proficiency test - it's free. Just Google the test you want to take, e.g. "math proficiency uiuc" or "cs 125 proficiency uiuc."
  • Suggested Sequence (click on your major and scroll down) for second semester and beyond. Always consult an adviser before you register for classes!
  • Course Explorer for fall 2018 classes.
  • College Resources in Engineering: students talk about opportunities available to all engineering students (see Resource Map as well)

Things to Do When you Come to Campus in the Fall

  • What was I really given credit for? Am I missing anything? Do I need to adjust my schedule? on Friday August 24, 2018, your New Student Hold will be taken off so you can adjust classes as necessary. A few days before the semester start, generate YOUR degree progress report ("u.achieve" is the Degree Audit Reporting System used at Illinois) to guide adjustments to make.
  • REQUIRED: Come to IEFX Launch (Noon-2pm, Saturday, August 25, 2018)
  • OPTIONAL: Come to campus Quad Day (Noon-4pm, Sunday, August 26, 2018)
  • Classes start Monday, August 27, 2018!
  • Online Advisees will need to get their i-card when coming in August (on-campus advised students can get i-card while here for summer registration). Simply visit the university i-card center.
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