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Grade Replacement

Starting since Fall 2010, all undergraduate students on campus can repeat courses and use the new grade to replace the grade they earned in the first attempt.  The policy places some limits on the courses and hours that can be replaced. 

College of Engineering undergraduates can use an online portal to request that a current course be used for grade replacement.  Click here to go to the portal.  Be sure that you have already registered for the same course for which you want the grade to be replaced, and that you know your AD password. Please also check the dates and deadlines for grade replacement.

Netmath and GIS courses:

Please use the campus-wide grade replacement form available on their Forms webpage:  Submit the form to 206 Engineering Hall or as you begin the course.

Grade Replacement requests must be filed before the appropriate deadlines for ethical reasons. It is your responsibility to always check the deadlines which govern your academic life. Late requests to either file for or rescind Grade Replacement will not be accepted by the College of Engineering.

Deadlines to file intent to use Campus Grade Replacement in the FALL 2017 term: 

  • First-half semester (POT A) course = September 22, 2017
  • Full 16 week semester (S1) course = October 20, 2017
  • Second-half semester (POT B) course = November 17, 2017

Deadlines to file intent to use Campus Grade Replacement in the SPRING 2018 term: 

  • First-half semester (POT A) course = February 9, 2018
  • Full 16 week semester course = March 9, 2018
  • Second-half semester (POT B) course = April 13, 2018

If you previously requested that a course be used for grade replacement and you have changed your mind, you must visit 206 Engineering Hall in person to rescind your request by completing a form available at the front desk.  Also, if you made changes to the course you will use for grade replacement (either dropped, changed sections, etc), visit 206 Engineering Hall to adjust your request accordingly.

The following FAQs provide some useful information on the grade replacement policy.  You might also want to read the Campus Grade Replacement Policy, which we have extracted from the Student Code.  The Office of the Registrar also has a page with information about the policy, which you can find here.

NOTE: Grade Replacement is solely provided by the University of Illinois as a mechanism to recalculate your cumulative GPA.  Your past academic history is not modified retroactively by grade replacement.  In the case of academic probation decisions, the College of Engineering will consider carefully your performance in consecutive semesters on their individual merit.  Do not assume that Grade Replacement is a tool to automatically erase all consequences of past poor performance!  Example: a student fails a course and as a consequence the GPA is 1.75 for the semester.  The following semester, the student retakes the failed course for grade replacement and passes, but the second semester's GPA is 1.82, still below 2.0 for the second consecutive time.  Grade Replacement would effectively improve the GPA in the first semester to 2.02, however, the College of Engineering still considers the student eligible for academic drop because of sub-standard performance in two consecutive semesters.  Grade replacement has done nothing to improve the student's academic problems.  Grade Replacement affects the UIUC cumulative GPA, but nothing else!    


What's the advantage of replacing a grade?

Grade replacement may improve your campus GPA.  If you repeat a course and don't request grade replacement, both grades are averaged into your GPA.  If you do request grade replacement, the first grade is excluded when computing your GPA.  Both grades still appear on your transcript, with the first attempt marked as a grade that was replaced.

My GPA is not what I expected. When can I expect my GPA to be adjusted?
he grade replacement takes time to process. After final grades are submitted, the college and the Office of the Registrar must process grade replacements before they become effective. It normally takes 4-6 weeks after the semester is over for any changes to show up on a student's record.

How many courses can I use for grade replacement?

Up to four distinct courses, totaling no more than 10 semester hours.

Any other limitations on the courses?

To be used for grade replacement, a course must been taken at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, your first grade must be a C- or lower, and you must not have an officially reported academic integrity violation for the first attempt

I'm doing poorly in a course on my first attempt.  Should I consider making sure that I have a C- or lower grade, so that I can repeat the course later for grade replacement?

It is never a good idea to do less than your best in a course.  Even if you do repeat the course for grade replacement, both instances of the course grade will appear on your University of Illinois transcript. Be aware that every grade you earn can influence college decisions about your academic progress, how potential employers evaluate you, and your chances of getting into graduate school. You may want to check with all entities with whom you will share your transcript regarding how these outside entities may calculate your grade point average.

Suppose I want to re-take a course that doesn't meet these criteria.  Can I still do that?

Yes, you can always re-take a course and not use it for grade replacement (except that a few courses on campus may not be repeated).  Then the standard policy applies, and both grades will be averaged into your GPA. 

May I retake a course at another college or community college to replace a course grade from UIUC?

No. You must retake the course and file your intent to use the Campus Grade Replacement option at the UIUC campus.

I have already taken a course twice.  Can I have the newer grade replace the older grade?

No.  To use a course for grade replacement you must make that request by first half of the term in which the course is offered – the eighth week for a semester course and the fourth week for a half-semester course.  Thus, you cannot use grades from completed courses to replace yet older grades.  However, there is no limit on the date of your first attempt. For example, you could repeat a course in Fall 2017 and use it to replace a grade you had earned earlier, say in Fall 2016. 

I failed a course, I took the course again for grade replacement and I failed a second time.  How are the two F grades counted?

Both F grades are counted in the GPA, because a repeat F cannot replace any previous grade. Also, the hours will be deducted from your grade replacement allowance of 10 hours. As a further example, if you had gotten a D- and later an F in the same course taken for grade replacement, both the D- and the F would count in your GPA and the credit hours would be deducted from your grade replacement allowance. Obtaining two F's is no different, except that the D- would still count toward graduation. However, note that for certain courses a D- may not fulfill a necessary prerequisite fixed by your department or college. You cannot grade replace the same course a third time.

How do I actually request that a course be used for grade replacement?

If you are a College of Engineering student, go to the online portal using the link at the top of this page. Make sure you are already registered for the replacement course. You will log in using your NetID and your Active Directory (AD) password.

What if I request that a course be used for grade replacement, but then I change my mind?

If you change your mind before the first half of the term, you can cancel your request by going to your college office (206 Engineering Hall for College of Engineering students).  You will probably be asked to fill out and sign a form canceling your request. 

I took a course for grade replacement, but I failed it the second time.  What happens now?

If you fail the course on the second attempt, both grades will be used when computing your GPA. You have also used up part of your 10 hours of grade replacement.  If you passed the course the first time, you get to keep the passing grade.

I missed being on Dean's List in an earlier semester because of one bad grade.  If I replace that grade will I then be on that earlier Dean's List?

No. Dean's List and certain other honors are based on semester GPA.  If you subsequently replace one or more of those grades, the replacement affects your cumulative GPA, but your semester GPA is determined by the grades you earned in that semester.  Using a Fall 2017 course to replace a Fall 2016 grade does not change your Fall 2016 GPA. 

I'm still a bit unsure about declaring a course for grade replacement.  Who should I talk to?

Your departmental advising office or your college advising office (206 Engineering Hall) are the best places to get advice on grade replacement. 

Can a student opt to enroll in a GIS or NetMath section to replace the grade of a corresponding course originally taken in a classroom on campus?

Yes, the courses are equivalent. The policy specifies the 8-week deadline so as to be consistent with other academic deadlines, which may or may not apply to GIS or NetMath enrollments.

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