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Incomplete Grades

If you are unable to complete the final examination or other requirements at the end of the course, a temporary time extension may be granted in the form of an 'I' (Incomplete) grade. 

Incomplete grades are very useful for students who have a major illness or other life circumstance late in the semester that keeps them from completing their coursework.  The college office normally only approves incompletes that involve some circumstance beyond the student's control.  Incompletes are not granted to students who had the opportunity to complete the work, but did not. 

If you feel you need an incomplete grade, you should first discuss the situation with your course instructor. If the instructor agrees, you can then see a dean in 206 Engineering Hall to request the incomplete grade.  It is best to come with a plan and a schedule for completing the coursework, approved by the instructor.  If the dean approves the incomplete, he/she will authorize the instructor to issue an 'I' grade. Unauthorized 'I' grades will not be accepted by the Office of the Registrar. 

An 'I' grade is not included in your GPA computation. However, your coursework must be completed by the first eight weeks of the following semester or the I  grade may be automatically changed to an F. To avoid this, the instructor must issue a Supplemental Grade Report Form changing the I to your final grade for the course. 

It is the student's responsibility to arrange for completion of the course work to clear an 'I' grade.

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