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Liberal Education Course List

The following courses can be used to satisfy the College of Engineering Liberal Education requirement. Students who complete their campus General Education requirements for Humanities & the Arts, Social & Behavioral Sciences, and Cultural Studies with fewer than eighteen hours of course work may select the balance of their eighteen hours from this list.  Courses taken from this list that fulfill no other degree requirements may be taken on a Credit/No-Credit basis. Please note that there are courses on the list (especially if included within the phrase "All Courses") that are approved for campus General Education requirements for Humanities & the Arts or Social & Behavioral Sciences.  Actually, all courses with such approval can be used to fulfill the College of Engineering Liberal Education requirement in addition to those in the list.

"All courses" means all courses numbered 100 through 489, excluding any courses with numbers ending in 90-99. Courses that have the words "Special Topics," "Individual Study," "Independent Study," "Internship," "Thesis," or "Seminar" in their title are also excluded from the "all courses" designation.  Students may petition for these courses to be allowed, on a case-by-case basis.  Students may also petition to count courses numbered 500 and greater.  Foreign language courses in non-language rubrics (e.g., AFST 231) require special approval; see Foreign Languages below. 

Please note that some of the courses in this list may be closed for registration to College of Engineering students, or have limited openings for engineering students.  This is especially true within "all courses" designations.  Students who take these courses, for instance while registered in another college, may count the courses toward their engineering degrees. Check the course listings in the current Class Schedule for registration restrictions.

Students may also petition to use courses that are not on this list. See the Guidelines for Liberal Education Petitions.

For more information about the courses listed below, refer to the University of Illinois Course Catalog .

AAS     Asian American Studies: 120, 224, 260, 291, 310, 317, 328, 346, 365, 435, 465, 485

ACCY  Accountancy: 200

ACE     Agricultural and Consumer Economics: 222, 231, 232, 240, 270, 303, 306, 310, 345, 346, 387, 403, 406, 435, 436, 452-456, 471, 474, 476

ADV     Advertising: 150, 300, 411, 412, 450, 493

AFRO  African American Studies:  315, 476

AFST   African Studies:  209, 222, 254, all 300- & 400-level non-language courses.  For language courses, see Languages section below

AIS       American Indian Studies:  All courses

ANSC   Animal Sciences: 250

ANTH   Anthropology:  190, 258, 265, 279, 280, 326, 359, 373, 379, 421, 423, 425, 448, 449, 463-470, 472, 474-476, 480, 481, 486-488.

ARAB   Arabic:  150. See Foreign Languages below for language courses

ARCH   Architecture:  101, 210, 215, 402, 403, 407-419, 423, 424

ART      Art: All courses

ARTD    Art-Design: 208, 209, 211

ARTH    Art-History: All courses

ARTS    Art-Studio: All courses

ASST    Asian Studies: All courses

BADM   Business Administration: All courses, except 335-337, 350-355, 366, 374-379, 451 and above

CHLH    Community Health: 206, 243, 250

CINE     Cinema Studies: All courses

CLCV   Classical Civilization: All courses except 100, 102

CMN     Communication: All courses except 111, 112

CPSC   Crop Sciences: 113, 116, 131, 439

CW       Creative Writing:  106 

CWL     Comparative and World Literature:  All courses

EALC    East Asian Language and Culture:  All courses

ECON   Economics:  All courses except 202, 203, 465, 471

ENG      Engineering: 191, 198 (section EB from Fa17), 298 (LINC sections), 315, 451

ENGL    English: All courses except 404, 481, 482, 485

ENVS    Environmental Studies: All courses, except 101, 380, 406 and above

EPS      Educational Policy Studies:  All courses

EPSY    Educational Psychology:  All courses except 280, 457, 480

ESE      Earth, Society, and Environment: 200, 320

FIN        Finance: 221, 230, 232, 241

GE        See SE, Systems Engineering & Design

GEOG  Geography:  All courses except 100, 103, 280, 371, 379, 380, 401-408, 421, 446, 459, 460, 468, 473-480, 489

GLBL    Global Studies:  220, 280, 298

GWS     Gender and Women's Studies: All courses

HIST      History: All courses, except 200 and 409

HUM      Humanities: 488, 489

JOUR    Journalism:  All courses except 460

KIN        Kinesiology: 240

LA         Landscape Architecture:  215, 314, 315, 425, 426

Languages:  Language courses other than English are usually acceptable, except for the student's native language(s), and closely related languages.  These courses must be in excess on the high school language requirement. Approval in 206 Engineering Hall is required to count any foreign language course toward the Liberal Education requirement. Courses may be based on results of the student's Language Placement Examination with the following limitations:

  1. Students may not repeat, for degree credit, courses more than two semesters below their high school achievement level (e.g., four years of high school language credit will not allow 101 or 102, but would allow for 103 or 104);
  2. Students may earn proficiency credit for 103 or 104 or higher by examination, subject to limits of Rule 1.

Courses taken to meet the high school language requirement cannot count toward the Liberal Education requirement but could count for free electives if allowed for degree credits, subject to the limits of Rule 1.

For example, a student only took two years of a secondary language in high school, equivalent to levels 101 and 102 in college.  After taking the placement test, the student is placed at the 102 level.  If this student takes the 102 and 103 courses in college to fulfill the high school requirement, both courses may count for free elective credits.  If the same student decides to take also the following course at at the 104 level, or another course in a different language, for instance at the 101 level, credits can be applied toward the Liberal Education requirement in the College of Engineering.

LAST   Latin American and Caribbean Studies :  All courses except 401 

LAW     Law: 301

LER     Labor and Employment Relations:  All courses

LING    Linguistics:  All courses except 300, 303, 400-407, 486-489

Literature in Translation:  Most courses will be acceptable, but all non-language courses taught under a language rubric (e.g., GER 201) require approval in 206 Engineering Hall.  Individual courses are listed under the appropriate language .

LLS      Latina/Latino Studies:  All courses, including 392, except 479

MACS  Media and Cinema Studies: All courses

MS       Media Studies: All courses

MUS     Music: All courses except 448

NRES   Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences: 109, 325, 439

PHIL     Philosophy: All courses except 453, 454

PHYS   Physics: 280, 419, 420

PS        Political Science:  All courses, including 390-398, except 230

PSYC   Psychology:  All 200-level courses, except 210 and 235.  PSYC 318, 352-356, 373, 423, 425, 447, 460, 465 are allowed

REES   Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies: All courses

RLST   Religious Studies:  All courses, including 291

RSOC  Rural Sociology: All courses

RUSS   Russian: 320-335, 418-466

SE     Systems Engineering & Design:  361, 400 (required for SE degree; cannot be used to fulfill Liberal Elective requirement by SE majors), 461, 462

 SHS     Speech and Hearing Science:  231

SOC    Sociology:  All courses except 485, 488

TE       Technology Entrepreneurship:  All courses

THEA  Theater: All courses except 419, 421, 425, 437, 453, 455, 459

TMGT Technology and Management:  365, 367

UP       Urban and Regional Planning: 101, 203, 204 

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