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Liberal Education Electives - Description

The College of Engineering requires eighteen hours of Liberal Education Electives*. Through these courses students deepen their understanding of human culture and society, build skills in inquiry and critical thinking, and lay a foundation for civic engagement and lifelong learning.

The college requirements include the campus General Education (GenEd) requirements in the humanities, social sciences, and cultural studies. To satisfy the campus General Education requirements, students must complete:

With careful course selection these requirements can be completed with a few as twelve hours of course work. 

Advising Tip

To quickly find courses that satisfy more than one campus GenEd requirement, go to and click on "Search the General Education Course Lists ." You can find, for instance, all of the History courses that count toward both the Humanities & Arts requirement and the Western Cultural Studies requirement.

The remainder of the eighteen hours may be selected from any of the following

  • Courses from the College of Engineering Liberal Education course list. Note that this list includes courses in business subjects, the applied arts, and foreign languages, as well as additional courses in humanities and social sciences.
  • Other courses that match the intent of the college liberal education requirements, and that are approved by the college. Students must petition to have these courses accepted a Liberal Education Electives. See the Guidelines for Liberal Education Petitions.
  • Courses from the Humanities & the Arts campus GenEd list 
  • Courses from the Social & Behavioral Sciences campus GenEd list

* Note: "Liberal Education Electives" became the name of this college-wide requirement in the fall of 2009.  The fall 2009 Programs of Study web site still uses the old name, "Social Science and Humanities Courses."

Humanities & Arts

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