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Changing Major or Adding/Rescinding Dual Degree - College of Engineering

The Grainger College of Engineering Programs of Study

The Grainger College of Engineering Major Specific Dynamic and Static Curriculum Maps



Combined B.S.- M.S. or B.S.-M.Eng Engineering Degree Programs

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Changing Major or Adding/Rescinding Dual Degree

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's Grainger College of Engineering has an Inter-Departmental Transfer (IDT)/Inter-College Transfer (ICT) process that should start with you exploring the information below in order to check your eligibility and decide how to proceed.

IDT/ICT Eligibility (click for details)

Requirements to Transfer (click for details)

Transfer Application Overview (click for details)

Notifications and Decisions (click for details)

Dual Degree Information (click for details)

Advising Team (click for details)

Inter-Departmental Transfer (IDT) and Inter-College Transfer (ICT) Eligibility for The Grainger College of Engineering

Who you are

Your College


When to apply

I joined the U of I as a TRANSFER student in summer 2017 or later (star) (star)

I am in The Grainger College of Engineering

Before you start the Portfolio, or consider a change of major within engineering, you MUST:

  1. Meet the Transfer Student Coordinator (virtually or in person) in 206 ENG HALL in your 1st semester.
  2. Follow your current program of study in your current major during your 1st semester.


I am in another college (non-ENG)

You are not eligible to transfer to an engineering major


I joined the U of I as a FRESHMAN in summer 2017 or later (star)(star)

I am in The Grainger College of Engineering

FRESHMEN: Before you start the ENGR Portfolio, or consider a change of major within engineering, you MUST:

  1. Check this exploration document
  2. Meet (virtually or in person) an advisor in 206 ENG HALL in your 1st semester.
  3. Follow your current program of study in your current major during your 1st semester.

2nd, 3rd or 4th semester of enrollment.

Students in their 5th semester must talk with a dean in 206 EH (virtual or in person) to ask for an exceptional extension.

I am in Pre-Engineering (DGS)

Apply to The Grainger College of Engineering (ICT application)

2nd, 3rd or 4th semester of enrollment

I am in DGS general or in another college (non-ENG) (star)

Apply to Pre-Engineering (DGS) – you are not eligible to directly apply to ENG


2nd semester of enrollment

(star) Exceptions: for Students who joined as Freshmen in LAS-PHYS, AnyCollege-CS, ACES-ABE, LAS-ChBE: LAS-PHYS to ENG-PHYS, AnyCollege-CS to ENG-CS, ACES-ABE to ENG-AnyMajor, ChBE to ENG-AnyMajor will apply directly to ENG (ICT application). For other engineering majors, all students must apply to PREP (e.g. a LAS-PHYS student seeking EE, or a LAS-CS seeking ME must apply to PREP).

(star) (star) If you joined the U of I prior to Summer 2017 , please FIRST check that you have the classes required to transfer to the major you are considering, with As and Bs mostly in your technical classes.

Requirements to Transfer

All students interested in engineering must take Math/Phys/Chem/Eng classes. See the Sample Curriculum Maps for each curriculum, especially the first two semesters.

Important Notes about Performance and Potential for engineering:

  • Students with grades below B in technical courses are not good candidates for transfer, unless those low performances are amended by retaking the course and earning a higher grade, and as discussed with an engineering advisor (students with more than one grade below B should consider non engineering curricula).
  • Students who do not take technical loads that engineering students take each semester (see the Suggested Sequence for each engineering curriculum) are at risk of lowering their chances for transfer (check The Grainger College of Engineering Transfer Requirements).
  • For PREP students: The guaranteed admission criteria vary according to demand and capacity for each major.  See for more information.
  • For Grainger Engineering Students: There are no GPA requirements to transfer from one engineering department to another, but major capacity and demand will be taken into account as well.
  • Discuss any special circumstances with your current department/college academic advisor.
  • A few things about the Engineering Portfolio:

    • The Application Engineering Portfolio contains a Specialized GPA, that only takes into account the foundational MATH, PHYS, CHEM classes taken at the UofI and the ENGINEERING classes taken at the UofI. No worries, advisors will have access to all of your grades when reviewing!
    • Do NOT have two browsers opened on the Portfolio, while you edit your answers, or this creates duplicate entries, and can prevent you from submitting your application...

Overview of the Transfer Application Process

Thinking about a major in The Grainger College of Engineering? How do I start exploring?

PREP students and ENGR Undeclared: exploration tools are provided in mandatory exploration classes

Non-PREP/ENGR Undeclared students: check this exploration document

If you are not in PREP or not in ENG go to (students will need to apply to Pre-engineering, prior to applying to engineering).

Wondering about the classes and grades requirements?Check the College of Engineering Transfer Requirements and the Required Classes to Transfer

For Dual degrees, the process is identical to the Transfer process (for incoming freshmen who joined on Fall 2017 or after) and all applications will be reviewed by Grainger Engineering staff -See section on dual degrees for more information

Ready to Apply?

Eligible students apply to The Grainger College of Engineering (ICT application using the ENGR Portfolio) during the submission window. Make sure to check eligibility.

The Spring 2022 application deadline is October 30, 2021 at 11:59PM (no exception) -submissions typically open on September 15

The Fall 2022 application deadline is March 30, 2022 at 11:59PM (no Exception) -submissions typically open on February 15

  • The ENGR application consists of the Major(s) you wish to apply to ranked by preference, three Narratives and your updated Resume (completing all requirements in the Portfolio).

  • While students have the option to indicate up to three engineering majors they wish to apply to, you do NOT need to indicate three majors (only apply to majors you are genuinely interested in).

  • Students applying for a dual degree in engineering indicate ONE major only in their application, the major they are interested in applying for their dual degree.

  • When ready to apply, submit your application (you may save any edits you make to your portfolio prior to applying).

  •  Applying after the deadline will automatically delay your application to the following review period for a later semester- No petition will be possible after 11:59PM. 

Please note the following:

  • This application process is only for majors in The Grainger College of Engineering. You will need to apply to a different college for other majors (including ChBE, CS + x, and TSM).
  • Majors that are high in demand can only be selected as “top choice” in the petition. Currently, these include BIOE, COMPE, CS, EE, ME.
  • All students are greatly encouraged to explore and select more than one major in their application (exceptions are for dual degrees).
  • Your application will be reviewed according to how you ranked each major (top, then second, then third). You will only be considered for your second (then third) choice if we cannot accommodate you in your first choice.

Notifications and Decisions on Submitted Applications

How do you hear back?You will be notified by EmailAn update will also be posted on your online application - check the ENGR Portfolio
When do you hear back?

After Grades for the current semester are known.

Before the start of the next semester.

The committee waits for the current semester grades to be posted for most applications (early notifications will be sent for ineligible applications)

Allow weeks for the committee to review after grades are posted

  • After you submit your application online, you will receive a confirmation email that your application is submitted.

  • The committee reviews all applications after grades are available for the current semester.

  •  Students will be notified of the outcome before the start of the semester they apply to (approximate Notification Dates: June 30th for Fall, January 20th for Spring).

  • Students who are taking their last engineering class(es) in summer in order to be considered for fall Transfer (as previously discussed with an advisor in 206 Engineering Hall) will be informed of the outcome before fall semester starts, after summer grades are available.

When is your transfer effective (in case of a positive outcome)?

A few days after you acknowledge and accept the decision.

In case you are granted a transfer/dual degree, you will need to let us know whether you accept or decline the decision (we will not process the transfer/dual degree until you accept the offer). Accepting the offer is done at the application portfolio as well (an "accept/decline" button will show).

Please note the following:

  • If your application for transfer is approved, and you accept it, we will not consider a future request from you for another transfer.
  • If your application for transfer into your first choice is denied, and you are offered your other choice:
      • It really means that your first choice is not possible for transfer given your current records and the current demand.
      • If you accept your other choice offer, we will not consider a future request from you for your first choice
      • If you decline your other choice offer, we will unlikely consider a future request from you for your first choice.

Dual Degrees

  • Eligibility and applying
    • If you are eligible for a Transfer (ICT or IDT), then you are eligible for a Dual Degree in Engineering.
    • For a freshman who joined the University in the summer 2017 or later, the process of applying follows the same process for the ICT/IDT process. It includes the same Portfolio, with the addition of an  Engineering Dual Degree form signed by advisors. When applying, students should indicate ONE major only, which is the major they are interested in applying for their dual degree.
    • See table for process

  • Application review - The same criteria is used to review a dual degree as for an ICT/IDT. Given the high demand for Engineering degrees, the priority might be given to first degree (ICT/IDT) applications for demands that are in high demand.
  • Changing back to Engineering - If a Grainger Engineering student had to change Colleges for their secondary major, they do not reapply for an ICT but instead fill out this Transfer Petition and speak with a UPO advisor.
  • Rescind dual degree - If students are no longer interested in pursuing the dual degree, students must fill out this form by the tenth day of classes. Please email the completed form to

Dual Degrees (Grainger Engineering+ILEE)

  • Grainger Engineering students who want to apply for the ILEE dual degree will find all information at this Link.

    Starting Fall 2021, all applicants must:

    • Students who started as Grainger Engineering freshman at U of I may apply in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th semester at the University, have taken at least 1 required TE course if student is in 3rd or 4th semester (or if in 2nd semester, student should be enrolled in a required TE course), and have worked out a plan in collaboration with advisors to obtain both their primary engineering degree and the ILEE degree in a timely fashion. 

    • Have a 2.25 minimum cumulative & specialized GPA. To find these GPA, you can start the ENGR Portfolio and there is a place where it automatically calculates these.

    • Students who transferred into Grainger Engineering may only apply in their 2nd semester as a Grainger Engineering student.

    • Meet with advisors of current major and ILEE dual degree advisor: Plan classes and obtain signatures on the Engineering Dual Degree form

    • Apply for the ILEE dual degree by filling out the ENGR Portfolio (you will need to upload a resume and the completed and signed Engineering Dual Degree form)

    • Apply by the posted deadlines

Advising Team/Information Sessions

Advisors are always available to help you explore your options and it is essential you consult with them at any step of your journey. Advisors will be happy to meet with you and discuss your plans, after you explored on your own possible majors, narrowed it down to a few, after you checked the links above regarding majors, course sequence, and transfer requirements. This may answer a LOT of your questions!

  • If you are in PREP,  you have your own PREP advisors!
  • If you interested in PREP for a later transfer to ENGR, check Ways to learn more? Check the PREP Information Sessions (this will be updated periodically on the PREP website).
  • If you are not in PREP and started at UofI before FA17 or if you are in ENGR already, meet a Grainger Engineering advisor: we are in 206 Engineering Hall. See all Colleges.
  • Meet a Grainger engineering departmental advisor(s) for the engineering major you are considering.


A certificate attests to a student's achievement in an area beyond their major.  Certificates do not appear on the final transcript.  The following organizations offer certificates that may be of interest to Grainger Engineering students:


Click here for a list of Grainger Engineering Minors

  • If you intend to add/declare a minor, you need to complete the online Minor Declaration form here (this is a new online process as of Fall 2020)
  • If you want to change a minor, you will find copies of the "Minor's Modification Form"  here -  Provost's website. Submit the completed form to
  • If you want to cancel a minor, you need to complete the online Minor Cancellation form here (this is a new online process as of Spring 2021)

Students in The Grainger College of Engineering can also pursue many of the minors offered by other colleges. See the Academic Catalog for information on other minors outside of the College.

Combined B.S.-M.S. Engineering Degree Programs

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Please contact The Grainger College of Engineering Undergraduate Programs Office at if you have questions.

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