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Probationary status is a warning that improved academic performance is required. If the probation requirements are not met in the following semester, the student is subject to drop rules. The minimum academic goal of any student should be to keep his or her GPA for any semester above 2.00.

NOTE: application of the grade replacement policy in general does not affect probation decisions retroactively. Grade replacement has the purpose to adjust the cumulative GPA but by itself it does not improve an academic weakness. 

A detailed description of the campus probation regulations appears in the Student Code .

The rules are outlined here for your convenience:

GPA Situation

Probation Rule

Semester or summer GPA <2.0
For students with cumulative GPA > 2.0 or beginning freshman 

2.00 probation

Cumulative GPA = 1.75 - 1.99

2.25 probation

Cumulative GPA < 1.75

2.33 probation

Combined Transfer and Illinois GPA < 2.0

2.00 probation

In addition, students may be placed on probation if they do not meet Technical GPA requirements .

Probation Letters

Students on probation are expected to fully understand their probation requirements.  Probation letters that list these requirements are found on the following site:

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