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Probationary status is a warning that improved academic performance is required. If the probation GPA level assigned is not met in the following semester, the student is subject to drop rules. The minimum academic goal of any student should be to keep his or her GPA for any semester above 2.00.

A detailed description of the campus probation regulations appears in part 1, article 3-110 of the Student Code .

The rules are outlined here for convenience:

GPA Situation

Probation Rule

Semester GPA < 2.0 for continuing students with cumulative GPA > 2.0


Beginning freshman with a semester or summer GPA <2.0

2.00 probation

Cumulative GPA between 1.75 - 1.99 inclusive

2.25 probation

Cumulative GPA < 1.75

2.33 probation

Combined Transfer and 
U of I GPA < 2.0

2.00 probation

In addition, students may be placed on probation if they do not meet Technical GPA Requirements

Drop Rules

Students who do not satisfy the terms of their probation, or who meet other drop rules of the University, are subject to being dropped.  The relevant portion of the Student Code states that a student is subject to drop action under any of the following conditions:

  1. Failure to earn at least a GPA of 1.0 in any semester (not including summer session).
  2. Failure to meet the assigned probation level if the cumulative GPA is below 2.0
  3. Failure to make satisfactory progress toward a degree.
  4. Failure to meet departmental GPA requirements.

Drop rules may be waived in individual cases by the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs.  This normally happens only when there is a good reason to believe that the student can be successful if he or she continues with classwork at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus. 

Advice -- If you feel that you are in danger of being dropped, discuss your situation with an advisor in your major department before the end of the semester

Readmission after Drop Status or Withdrawal

Students who have been dropped once by The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's Grainger College of Engineering can apply for readmission, usually after being away from the University for at least one year.  Students who have been dropped twice may not apply for readmission.

For more detailed information, visit: Incomplete Grades, Withdrawals, and Readmission/Resuming Studies

End of Term Academic Review

The Academic Review Committee meets at the end of the term to determine the final academic status of students who meet drop eligibility rules. The academic status of such students is determined after a thorough review of academic history, advising records, documented utilization of available resources offered by the college, and supporting documentation. Students are then notified via email immediately following the review.


  • Final Grades Post (mid May/late December)
  • Academic Review Committee Meeting (2-3 business days after grade posting)
  • Notification of Academic Status (1-2 days after academic review)

Academic Review-Student Submission Form (Optional):

The above timeline is very short. Students who feel that they may be dropped may wish to provide information to the academic review committee prior to the review.  They may do so via the following form: note, this process does not guarantee any specific outcomes, it only provides the committee additional information to review.


Please contact The Grainger College of Engineering Undergraduate Programs Office at if you have questions.

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