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Readmission Procedures

Letter of Intent to Re-Enter

You must submit the Letter of Intent to Re-enter if you "stopped out" for one or more semesters, if you are a student in good standing (i.e., not on drop status), and you wish to return to your studies at UIUC. Submission of this letter is necessary to lift the academic hold on your record.

To receive this form, submit a request to

Petition for Re-Entry

A student who leaves the University during the course of any term is considered a "withdrawal." The reasons for withdrawal may not have been academic but readiness to return is still a concern. Hence, the student is on "must petition" status.

A student who has been dismissed from the University for academic reasons is on "drop status."  Guidelines for returning to campus are provided for the student in a letter at the end of the semester in which the student was dropped. It is important that the student follow the advice of the College of Engineering and is prepared to make a convincing case for intent to improve your academic standing. Each student's petition will be evaluated on its own merit.

To receive the Petition to Re-entry form, a request may be made by email to

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