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Due to a very short window between the fall 2017 and spring 2018 semesters, the deadline to apply for spring 2018 ICT/IDT has been moved earlier.

Due to the new ICT process, this page is currently under construction. We appreciate your patience.

If you are a FALL 2017 Incoming FreshmenContinuing Students (i.e. you are not FA17 freshmen)

Attend Pre-engineering (PREP) Info Sessions (RSVP to attend) and will apply to PREP


Attend ENG ICT/IDT Info Sessions (RSVP to attend) and will apply to ENG

Thinking About a Different Major?

Your Options: Don't worry! There are 15 different engineering fields and over 100 majors on campus to choose from! College is the time to explore your major and career options. Close to 40% of Illinois students change their majors at least once, so you're not alone! People change their careers on average between 3-7 times in their lifetimes. You do not need to know what you want to do with the rest of your life right now! Below, you will see a guide as to how you should go about changing departments within the College of Engineering, transferring out of Engineering completely, and transferring into the College of Engineering. Whatever you decide to do, good luck with your new endeavor! As always, stop by our office at 206 Engineering Hall if you have any questions (non-engineering freshmen must attend a PREP information session)!


Start filling out your portfolio

DiscussFill out your portfolio

Apply By October 1st for SP18 ICT/IDT

See all Undergraduate Programs of Study for a list of all majors, required classes in the curricula, as well as contact information (advisors).

Advisors are always available to help you explore your options and it is essential you consult with them at any step of your journey: 

  • Advisors will be happy to meet with you and discuss your plans, after you explored on your own possible majors and narrowed it down to a few.
  • Meet with your current department/college advisor to let them know about your plans.
  • Meet with a college-level advisor of the major you are considering. See all Colleges.
  • Meet with a departmental advisor for the major(s) you are considering.

Inter-Departmental and Inter-College Transfer for the College of Engineering

Ready to Start your Engineering Journey?

Meet Engineering Advisors:

  • Advisors will be happy to meet with you and discuss your plans, after you checked the links above regarding majors, course sequence, and transfer requirements. This may answer a LOT of your questions!
  • Meet a college of engineering advisor: we are in 206 Engineering Hall.
  • Meet an engineering departmental advisor for the engineering major you are considering.

Important Notes about Performance and Potential for engineering:

  • Students with grades below B in technical courses are not good candidates for transfer to Engineering, unless those low performances are amended by retaking the course and earning a higher grade, and as discussed with an engineering advisor (students with more than one grade below B should consider non engineering curricula).
  • Students who do not take technical loads that engineering students take each semester (see the Suggested Sequence for each engineering curriculum) are at risk of lowering their chances for transfer (check the College of Engineering Transfer Requirements).
  • Discuss any special circumstances with your current department/college academic advisor.


    Due to a very short window between the fall 2017 and spring 2018 semesters, the deadline to apply has been moved earlier. See below.

For applications to be fully considered, applicants must register

then apply by the following deadlines before 11:59PM:

NOTE: There will be an ICT/IDT Information Session on Septmebr 12 and 20 at 5pm-6pm (RSVP please). Students interested in transfer to the college are encouraged to attend. PREP advisors will have Information sessions for FA17 incoming freshmen (see

See Slides from Sept. 2016 Info Session and  Fall 2016 Transfer Statistics

Ready to Apply for Transfer?

Application Process: 

  • The application consists of your name/UIN/Majors you wish to apply to and uploading your Portfolio.
  • While students have the option to indicate up to three engineering majors they wish to apply to, you do NOT need to indicate three majors.
  • When ready to apply,  submit your petition/application (this will be updated AFTER September 1st- You will then have about one month to apply by the ICT/IDT deadline, which is October 1st)
  •  Applying after the deadline will automatically delay your application to the following review period for a later semester- No petition will be possible after 11:59PM. 

Notifications and Decisions:

  • After you Submit Your Petition online, you will receive a confirmation email that your petition is submitted.
  • The Committee reviews all applications after grades are available for the current semester.
  •  Students will be notified of the outcome before the start of the semester they apply to (approximate Notification Dates: July 30th for Fall, January 20th for Spring).
  • (*) Students who are taking their last engineering class(es) in summer in order to be considered for fall Transfer (as previously discussed with an advisor in 206 Engineering Hall) will be informed of the outcome before fall semester starts, after summer grades are available.

Dual Degrees (one in the College of Engineering)

  • Engineering students who want to apply for an engineering secondary major will:
  • Non-engineering students who want to apply for an engineering secondary major will:
    • Notify their current college of their intentions (additional paperwork within current college is likely necessary). 
    • Apply for ICT.
    • Register here for Dual Degree.
  • College of Engineering students who had to change College for their secondary major - i.e. who had to transfer out of the college of engineering for one year- do not need to re-apply for ICT for their primary major in engineering, but instead fill out this Form and meet an advisor in 206 Engineering Hall.

Dual Degrees (College of Engineering+ILEE)

  • Engineering students who want to apply for the ILEE dual degree will find all information at this Link (you will need an updated resume, an Application ILEE Portfolio and a plan of study). Make sure to also Register here for Dual Degree after you have been accepted.

Explore Engineering: Tools for Students (star) under construction (star)

This section will contain tools and resources to help students in their exploration.

Register for ENG 101 "Engineering at Illinois"

Engineering At Illinois is an introduction to undergraduate programs of study available in the College of Engineering and the potential careers of graduates of those programs. The course is aimed at students who may be interested in an Engineering major. This is a 1-hour course offered in fall semesters. Please consult the Course Schedule for more details.

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