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What to Do If You Are Sick

For all College of Engineering Students:

If you have an exam scheduled (hourly, mid-term, final) and you are sick to such an extent that your performance on the exam would likely be compromised, you should NOT take the exam. It is always to your advantage to document your illness.  If you go to McKinley Health Center, to a doctor, or to a hospital, they can provide you with documentation of your illness.  Alternately, you can call the McKinley Dial-a-Nurse 24 hours a day at 333-2700, both to get medical advice and to document your illness. 

If you are sick and have missed an exam or class work and your professor requires it, you may contact the Office of the Dean of Students (ODOS) to request an absence letter. You should contact ODOS only once you are ready to resume classes so that if it is approved, a single letter including all of the dates of absence can be generated. At the time of your request you should be prepared to present documentation from a health care provider that attests to the dates of your illness. If you have been treated by McKinley Health Center, ODOS will contact them to verify that you were ill as well as the dates of your illness. You may phone the ODOS at 217-333-0050, or visit them at 300 Turner Student Services Building, 610 East John Street, M-F 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. If you become ill after hours and will miss an exam, presentation or assignment, you should email your professors immediately and contact the Office of the Dean of Students to request an absence letter once you are well enough to return to classes. Please do not contact the Emergency Dean for absence letter requests as s/he will be unable to process your request.  Please note that absence letters from the Office of the Dean of Students Office are for informational purposes and do not excuse absences from class. This authority rests with your instructors. ODOS will only provide letters for absences of three days or more, Also, ODOS does not provide absence letters for missed final exams. You should work directly with your College Office and Instructors to discuss making up finals and/or to reschedule a final exam. Only the College can issue incomplete grades for missed final exams due to a valid extenuating circumstance.

If you miss a MID-TERM, HOUR EXAM, class work, or assignments, you should provide the absence letter to your instructor and work with them to schedule a make-up exam or make-up assignments.  The date of the make-up exam should allow a reasonable amount of time for you to recover and to prepare for the exam, but you should make these arrangements with your instructor as soon as possible. 

If you miss a FINAL EXAM, you should come first to the College of Engineering office, 206 Engineering Hall (M-F, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm), and tell the receptionist you need to request an Incomplete grade.  Once the Incomplete grade is approved, you can make arrangements with your instructor to make up the final.  If your class offers a conflict exam and you are well enough to take it, you do not need to request an Incomplete grade, but you should contact your instructor immediately to request permission to take the conflict exam. 

In any case, always follow your doctor's advice on when to return to class, particularly if you have been contagious. 

The Student Code also states that "Appeal of an instructor's decision regarding the legitimacy of an excused absence may be made to the dean of the college."  College of Engineering students can see a dean in 206 Engineering Hall if they are unable to make suitable arrangements with their instructor for illness-related make-up exams. Do not contact the actual Dean of the College (the one with the capital "D" = Dean Cangellaris). These matters are for advising deans in the Undergraduate Programs Office.


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