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Withdrawing from School

Are you having some trouble with classes, personal life, illness, etc.? Consider taking some time off to recover and gather yourself. It's not uncommon for students to cancel their registration or withdraw from the university on a temporary basis. If you have medical concerns that need to be addressed, personal issues with relationships, reconsidering your major, or financial troubles, definitely consider some time off.

You can find information about cancelling your registration and withdrawing from school below. For dates and deadlines, please refer to the Registrar's site. Go here for information on readmission .

Cancelling Your Registration

A student who has placed courses on her/his record and later decides not to attend the University may cancel registration before the first day of instruction provided the student has neither attended any classes nor received any related student services. Once a student has attended a class or used campus services, the student may not cancel his/her registration. If the student leaves the University, the student must officially withdraw from the University.

Before the end of the day before the first day of instruction for a term, a student may cancel registration and be relieved of all tuition and fee charges. Please refer to the Student Code for more information.

Withdrawing from the University

All Students
(1) A student who leaves the University during any term must officially withdraw from the University. A student who is registered in only one
      course and later requests to drop that course must withdraw from the University. Failing grades will be assigned to any student who leaves
      the University without completing withdrawal.

(2) Withdrawal procedures:

a) Obtain a withdrawal form from the Office of the Associate Dean (Undergraduate Programs Office, 206 Engineering Hall). The date the
    student notifies the college office of his/her intent to withdraw should be recorded as the official withdrawal date.
b) Obtain the signatures of the University officers as indicated on the withdrawal form.
c) The student should deposit the withdrawal form at the Dean of Students Office, 300 Turner Student Services Building, 610 East John Street.

(3) Cancellation or withdrawal from the University does not abrogate the authority of the institution to pursue disciplinary action.
(4) The student ID card remains valid for the term in which fees for services have been paid.

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